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Frazer classics for sale were produced for just a couple of years, from 1946-1951. The car was named for Joseph Frazer, the general manager at the Kaiser-Frazer Corporation. Introduced in 1946, it was one of the first American models to utilize an envelope body. The Frazer offered push button door fixtures and luxurious upholstery that coordinated with the color choices. Because it was a conventional rear-wheel drive car with a six-cylinder motor, it would be easy to maintain and repair, while still offering unique style. While other American car manufacturers were still trying to sell their pre-war designed cars, the Frazer was something completely new. Designed by Howard Darrin, the car won a design award in 1946.

Frazer classics for sale were produced at a former Ford plant in Michigan. They were marketed as mid- to upper-priced luxury vehicles that competed with Oldsmobile, Nash, and Studebaker. Frazer knew that American consumers would be in demand after the war. At first Frazers came in a basic four-door body shell. It shared a body and power train with the lower priced Kaiser model. The difference was in the interior and exterior trim. By 1951 they were offered as a convertible, hardtop, or hatchback. Frazer models included the Standard, Deluxe, Manhattan, and Vagabond. All were sedans except the Vagabond, a hatchback. The Manhattan was the most upscale model yet, and offered extras like a stereo and wide seats. The 1951 Frazer Manhattan convertible was the last four-door American convertible of the 1950s.

Kaiser-Frazer was one of the last independent car makers in America, and it would find it hard to compete with the “Big Three” auto manufacturers. Joseph Frazer was a practical man who had vast experience in marketing within the automobile industry. This caused some problems with his partner Henry Kaiser. As General Motors, Ford and Chrysler began pushing their postwar designs, Frazer and Kaiser products were just receiving updates. The market for Kaiser-Frazer products slowed down. Kaiser insisted on pushing ahead and increasing production, which resulted in an oversupply of cars. Frazer left the company in 1951. Production of the Frazer was cut to make room for producing more Kaisers. The Frazer name was soon dropped from its cars and its company title. Several years later, the Kaiser company itself folded. Frazer classics for sale are highly sought-after.
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