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The Hupp Motor Car Company was founded in Detroit in 1908 by brothers Louis and Robert Hupp, a former employee of Oldsmobile and Ford. The first Hupmobile classics for sale were produced in 1909.

The Hupmobile Model 20 Runabout was introduced at the Detroit Auto Show. The two-seater featured a two-speed transmission and a four-cylinder engine. These classics for sale did very well at first and the Hupp company enjoyed a good reputation. It was an affordable car that came with a lifetime warranty and people were happy with the quality and reliability. As the 1920s progressed, the Hupmobile was outfitted with larger engines and a variety of models were produced. The 1928 model was quite stylish and sold very well. The Hupp company increased capacity by purchasing a plant in Cleveland.

The only problem with this was that the company was making so many models that it was hard to make a profit with such low production numbers. Also, by moving toward manufacturing larger, more expensive models, the company was also moving away from their original customer base.

The Great Depression made matters worse. After the stock market crash of 1929, sales of the 70-horsepower six-cylinder and 100-horsepower eight-cylinder Hupmobiles were dipping. Still, the Hupp company continued to produce even bigger engines for these classics for sale. Consumers already stung by the Depression were not interested in buying a vehicle that would use so much gas. In 1931, prices were reduced, but sales did not recover.

To counter lagging sales, Hupp contracted with designer Raymond Loewy. In 1932, the stylish cycle car Hupmobiles were introduced with front fenders that followed the contour of the wheels. The 1934 Hupmobile had an aerodynamic body and a three-piece windshield. Sales of these classics for sale were good, but there were internal problems with company leadership. A union strike in 1937 halted production. This led to a lack of public confidence.

There was one more attempt to recover from the Hupp Company’s personal and financial troubles. Skylark classics for sale were considered the best-looking Hupmobiles and in fact, Lincoln Continntal would later use a similar-looking grille. The Skylark utilized design features from the former Cord automobile and conventional four-wheel drive. The public was interested and many customers placed orders for the new Hupmobile Skylark classics for sale. Unfortunately many of these orders were cancelled due to production delays and interest waned. Production lasted just a few months, and only about 300 Skylarks were produced. The company went bankrupt and the last Hupmobile was produced in 1940.
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